On June 15, Uche Ogbuagu, a legislator in Nigeria’s southeastern Imo state, approached Nwosu, a reporter for the privately owned Eastern Lead Express newspaper, while he was at the state assembly building in Owerri, the state capital, and accused Nwosu of misquoting him, according to the journalist, who spoke to CPJ in a phone interview.

Nwosu said that report, written by a different Eastern Lead Express journalist, cited Ugbuagu alleging that Frank Ugboma, another legislator, was not performing his work duties. Nwosu told Ogbuagu he did not write the report, and went to Ugboma’s office, the journalist told CPJ.


Report Details

Report Type: Physical Attack
Location: Imo
Victim: Ike-Jacobs Nwosu
Affiliation: Eastern Lead Express newspaper
Assailant: Frank Ugboma