Mr. Eubaldus Enahoro, a reporter with the Edo State-owned newspaper, The Observer, was in mid-January declared missing after villagers at Adeje, a village near Warri in Delta State reportedly chased him with intent to harm him. Mr. Enahoro had gone to the village to report on the scene of a vandalised petroleum pipe where the villagers were siphoning fuel for sale. The villagers angered by his presence threatened to kill him. He ran into the bush and was subsequently declared missing by his employers when he did not show-up in the office that day. He was, however, able to find his way out of the bush the next day

Report Details

Report Type: Threat
Location: Edo
Victim: Mr. Eubaldus Enahoro
Affiliation: Villagers Threaten To Kill Reporter
Assailant: Villagers